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  1. Sido Kanhu University

    Sido Kanhu University

    Address: Sido Kanhu University
    Founded: 1992
    Details: More Info
  2. Aditya Narayan College

    Aditya Narayan College

    Address: Dumka 814 101 Jharkhand
    Founded: 1979
    Details: More Info
  3. Jamtara College

    Jamtara College

    Address: Jamtara Dist Dumka Jharkhand
    Founded: 1967
    Details: More Info
  4. Mayurakshi Gramin College

    Mayurakshi Gramin College

    Address: P.O. Ranishwar- Dist. Dumka 814 148 Jharkhand
    Founded: 1990
    Details: More Info
  5. S.P. Mahila College

    S.P. Mahila College

    Address: Dumka Dist. Dumka Jharkhand
    Founded: 1967
    Details: More Info
  6. Santhal Pargana College

    Santhal Pargana College

    Address: Dumka Dist. Dumka Jharkhand
    Founded: 1955
    Details: More Info
  7. Shikaripara Mahavidyalaya

    Shikaripara Mahavidyalaya

    Address: Shikaripara Dist. Dumka 816118 Jharkhand
    Founded: 1982
    Details: More Info

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